Undying Affinity …a never ending passion


A novel or a story is said to be a dream, and  a whole world created within that dream. It is the job of a writer to make that dream believable. Undying Affinity is such a dream. A dream we all crave for. Yes dream of a never ending passion, which apparently  depicts  writer’s passion for reading and writing.

Love is the essence  of  any  creativity. Inspiration its foundation. The  crux of the novel is the notion of  an ever living  true love, love which never dies but changes or should I say progresses. The writer’s inspiration is her admiration and veneration for the veteran actor Fawaad Khan, whom writer claims the character of the hero of her novel is based on. Undying Affinity , a debut novel by Sara Naveed, an emerging talent who has been an inspiration for all the aspiring  Pakistani writers. She has surely set an example, moreover a direction for writing popular fiction.

For me reading Undying affinity  was a very soothing and pleasurable experience, it was a kind of escape.It had been after quite a time that I have not read  any sort of popular fiction, was more into some serious literature, so undying affinity was sort of read that relaxed my mind. The best thing I loved  about Sara is her attempt of portraying Lahore, its culture and landscape. She is not among that creed of  Contemporary Pakistani writers who forget from where they actually belong to.They often writes about foreign culture and their characters are not like readers can relate their lifestyles with . Dialect is yet another  fascinating aspect of  Sara’s writing. The way she utilizes our own words and expressions  in her writing is amazing.

There is an  example  from the novel, the line I have enjoyed a lot

“Once a Sarriyal , always a Sarriyal”.

As far as crafting of  the characters are concerned, Sara has skillfully  created them particularly protagonists, be it Ahmer or Zarish. Both characters are flawless both are round characters.  Ending of the novel is what satisfies the readers most, they feel delighted, as it was a fairy tale ending  where all ends well, a  “and they lived happily ever after” kind of end. I thought about an alternative end of it too, however in that case it would disappoint the readers as  tragic end is not what Ahmer and Zarish’s love deserve.

Undying Affinity  as a whole is a fascinating Romance novel which is its own kind of novel in this genre and is a treat for those who love love stories 🙂

More power to you Sara!


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