My New poem 🙂




To escape all harshness around,
I stepped into the valley of dreams.
Where there lie all sorts of dreams,
Waiting to be dreamed.
Sweet dreams,
Enchanting dreams,
Aspiring dreams.
There at the corner of the valley
Flows a stream of Lethe.

In order to dream well
one should loose all remembrance
I sipped the water of forgetfulness,
And was lost in the captivating valley.

Where there were sweet dreams
Of bed of roses,
Pixies with pointed noses.
Of lilies,chrysanthemum and hyacinths,
All in fascinating labyrinths.

Of rainy nights,
Of gallant knights,
Of far away lands
Of valleys and islands

Of sweet love song,
Of Keat’s Nightingale’s song,
that I always long .

And of kingdom of heart,
where every end is a fresh start.
Of a die-heart lover
The one that can shower
Endless kisses!

But wait!
I am an aging soul
My dreaming days are over!
Sweetness has…

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  1. Irfan Arif · November 14, 2016

    Keep Dreaming !! Dreamer !!

    Liked by 1 person

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