Absolute Nothingness

Absolute Nothingness

Staring on my easel

I gently stroked on the canvas,

from my very soul

the colour of hope

it lack vibrancy, carries only dimness

so much hopelessness!

hope fading!

afraid it might fade away in fullness


I approached for the colour of faith,

It was there with all its radiance

spreading smoothly vital on canvas

further adding the colours of agony and pain

appearing vital but vain

there is a desperate want of life!

I approached for the colour of life

oh! I was running short of it !

despite of my wit

I am so short of it!

there is absolute nothingness

so much lifelessness!

Despite of such nothingness and lifelessness

I compassionately looked,

looked on to my incomplete painting of love!

here it gives me the inkling what I have been to you!

where You were looking onto me

more compassionately

You claim that  You love me more than my sins

much more than my kins

with all emptiness and thirst

I look up to You

waiting for Your final stroke

and ultimately I will be blessed….

Rameeza Nasim (miss malhi)

25 Feb 2013  karachi

#Poetry #Mypoem

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