Why we Muslims and Pakistanis as a nation are disgraced in the world?

Point to ponder!

Dr. Shoaib Khan

The image of Aylan Kurdi, lifeless on a Turkish beach has stirred the world like nothing else. While it has initiated an important debate about how to help the Syrian refugees, I want to see it from another angle.

This image of Aylan Kurdi represents the depths that Muslim Ummah has fallen to. Nothing can be more disgraceful and humiliating then to see our children drown and die because we want to enter someone else’s country and they do not want us.

Why is it that the Muslim Ummah is disgraced to this level today? We as Muslims are the ones who are carrying the name of Allah’s deen. Then why is it that Allah is seeing us disgraced in this world.

Lets try and find out the answer to this question from Al-Quran.

A permanent moral law of Quran.

This is one of the very important and relevant Moral laws of Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’aala…

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