Silent Calls: Translation of my Urdu Poem ‘Khamosh Sadaein’

Silents Calls,
Around the corners of the heart;
Carrying all the agonies
Of past inaccessibilities
And of all present anxieties,
Against the Stoned walls of Heart,
The coming tomorrow…

Rameeza Nasim





womens-day-2016 (2)

My poem She dedicated to all beautiful ladies


Beyond that pretty face

Yes there’s surely grace

But a powerful mind too!


She may not always handy

Nor randy

She’s not a plaything

Nor an eye candy!


Besides love and care

She needs her respect share

And some space


Own her

Love her

Pamper her

Respect her!


You got a choice

Either be her master

Or make her your Queen

And be the King!

And rejoice!

Rameeza Nasim

28th  April 2017



Poem: Prisoner of Heartland


Prisoner Of Heartland

In the dungeon
Of my heart
I have kept you

In the chains of love,
You cry for freedom;
But I won’t let you
Leave my Kingdom

That dungeon of heart
was visited by no one ever
You don’t realize
O Prisoner
It is not mine
It is solely your Kingdom!

Rameeza Nasim

February 2017






A Valentine Secret – Blog tour

Book Review

A Valentine Secret

by Emily Murdoch

Hello Fellow Bloggers! 🙂

Wishing you all Hello! all the way from Karachi to all fellow bloggers, hoping you guys enjoying this blog tour, this is is my first blog for the readers club.

Its a mere humble try to pen down the book review  about the regency novella  ” A Valentine Secret” by Emily Murdoch  which is a Regency Romance. The novella revolves around the love story of Jonathan Brodie, the only son of the Baron Sir Roger Brodie and Penelope the adopted girl who was raised by the local florists Mr and Mrs Baldwins. The novella was set in the village of  Maplebridge. A Valentine Secret is surely a treat for all Romance genre lovers.

“The course of true love never did run smooth…” ( A Midsummer Night’s dream, William Shakespeare)


The plot of the novel was running smooth initially but, then later hurdles appeared and the climax  of the story occurred in chapter 9 and 10. Well the last chapter has the resolution as well as  the ending. Ending is a fairy tale one with union of hero and heroine. If we imagine an alternative ending that won’t be then what Jonathan and Penelope’s love deserves.

The basic theme on which the whole story is  based is of  Valentine on which the title of the novella too is based on. The spirit of Valentine runs through out the novella and it started right from the beginning of the novella in Chapter 1 when Jonathan first puts his eyes on Penelope, it was love at first sight as if the arrow of Cupid is scouted and then the Valentine letter which actually saved Jonathan.

” I will be your Valentine every day of our lives”


Apart from the basic themes of love and Valentine, Emily also pointed the social issues prevailing in the Regency period, one of the most prominent is the strict class difference and the class conscious society of Maplebridge which was very much evident from  Mr Roger Brodie ‘s disapproval for Baldwins and of people’s reaction when they see Penelope and Jonathan together in the ball.

Another aspect I find interesting in the novella is the resemblance of traits of Austen’s novels. Yes the novella reminds me very much of my favorite novelist of Regency era Jane Austen. The novella is same like Jane Austen’s fairy tale happy endings kind of, where all ends well and usually in form a marriage. Its love theme and class conscious society too resembles with what Austen used to portray in her novels. Even the close knitted society of Maplebridge reminds one like the society of  Hartfield in Emma. The portrayal of the character of  Jonathan is similar like that of Austen’s hero flawless and all good. Even the character of Penelope is also depicted as that of a strong  girl like that of Elizabeth or Emma.

“I may have lost my heart, but not my self-control” (Emma, Jane Austen)

In short, the reading experience of the novella A Valentine Secret is  a pleasurable one, the story is calm it depicts calmness the same which Jane Austen’s novel ” Emma” does, yes that novel depicts calmness it is pure from the chaos of an Urban life. It will be loved by all Romance genre fans. I really like the setting of Maplebridge in which the novella is set and the regency era, seemed well researched and flawless. Well done! more power to you Emily !

Wishing  all Happy readings and happy blogging 🙂




Rameeza Nasim

It rained like never before! (poem)

It rained like never before!

It was one dark night

moonless night

It rained


Rained like never before!

As if there was no sun afore!

The rain was more like pouring

It poured

Poured like a wild stream

It rained

Rained the whole night

But the sun did shine

The next day

Brighter like never before!

Rameeza Nasim


(Poem from a collection of Bedtime poems)

Say it once (poem)

Say it once

Say it once

What you have to

Without employing puns

Say it once!

Tell me what you should

Not a candied lie

Lets say no to falsehood

All you need is to remember

That truth is handsomer

Than a prolonged slumber.

Say it once!

Don’t fabricate

Don’t twist

Don’t hesitate

Say it once!

Say that I am waiting long

For that true words

Which I will never take wrong.

Say it once!

Rameeza Nasim

12, Jan 2016

Undying Affinity …a never ending passion


A novel or a story is said to be a dream, and  a whole world created within that dream. It is the job of a writer to make that dream believable. Undying Affinity is such a dream. A dream we all crave for. Yes dream of a never ending passion, which apparently  depicts  writer’s passion for reading and writing.

Love is the essence  of  any  creativity. Inspiration its foundation. The  crux of the novel is the notion of  an ever living  true love, love which never dies but changes or should I say progresses. The writer’s inspiration is her admiration and veneration for the veteran actor Fawaad Khan, whom writer claims the character of the hero of her novel is based on. Undying Affinity , a debut novel by Sara Naveed, an emerging talent who has been an inspiration for all the aspiring  Pakistani writers. She has surely set an example, moreover a direction for writing popular fiction.

For me reading Undying affinity  was a very soothing and pleasurable experience, it was a kind of escape.It had been after quite a time that I have not read  any sort of popular fiction, was more into some serious literature, so undying affinity was sort of read that relaxed my mind. The best thing I loved  about Sara is her attempt of portraying Lahore, its culture and landscape. She is not among that creed of  Contemporary Pakistani writers who forget from where they actually belong to.They often writes about foreign culture and their characters are not like readers can relate their lifestyles with . Dialect is yet another  fascinating aspect of  Sara’s writing. The way she utilizes our own words and expressions  in her writing is amazing.

There is an  example  from the novel, the line I have enjoyed a lot

“Once a Sarriyal , always a Sarriyal”.

As far as crafting of  the characters are concerned, Sara has skillfully  created them particularly protagonists, be it Ahmer or Zarish. Both characters are flawless both are round characters.  Ending of the novel is what satisfies the readers most, they feel delighted, as it was a fairy tale ending  where all ends well, a  “and they lived happily ever after” kind of end. I thought about an alternative end of it too, however in that case it would disappoint the readers as  tragic end is not what Ahmer and Zarish’s love deserve.

Undying Affinity  as a whole is a fascinating Romance novel which is its own kind of novel in this genre and is a treat for those who love love stories 🙂

More power to you Sara!

Railways Reflections…

A classy piece of writing,beautifully written and details and description so artfully sketched that it makes you feel that you are present with the writer on the plat form of Lahore Railway Station.


A worthy experience it was, for me, to sit in quite a peaceful corner at Plat form no.3 on a winter’s cold eve with peanuts in my hand.

First one to attract my attention was a group of people, known as “Qulli,” all dressed in old red shirts chaffering aloud and hurrying back and forth. Their faces painted with feelings of hope and bodies weighed down. They carry with themselves the luggage of passengers and responsibility of their families whom they have left behind. One of them was having a little child, holding the corner his father’s shirt in his hand and dreams of a “heavily loaded” future in his heart.

In a the corner a vendor was selling dusted Samosas, already tasted by flies, placed behind the rack of discolored water bottles that were never replaced, on a price at least three times higher than actual price. One person…

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About cuckoo and the escape of the little elephant

Last November, during SPELT ELT Conference, I got the chance of attending  a session on Fiction writing, which was conducted by Sajjad Haider.There I got to know that he himself is a novelist and have written a couple of novella series “Cuckoo” aimed for kids as well as an adult audience. After the session, he gifted us a copy of his first novella  Cuckoo and the escape of the little elephant. It was the first time an author gifted me his novella copy with his autograph wow! I am just attempting to write just a review as I have not enough skills  to produce an in depth  critique.

Cuckoo and the escape of the little elephant was a historical fictional novella , and at reaching the very last chapter, I discovered that the little elephant was Anarkali! our very own Anarkali, memories of whom still cherish us. The only elephant of the Karachi zoological garden, well the questions arise whether  incidents and events that writer associated with Anarkali  is true or fabricated? was it General Messervy that named Anarkali ? was Anarkali that old ? only the study of history can reply these questions. Otherwise Author has very artfully fabricated his plot with the history that they all seem real and true. Second  achievement is creating animal characters both interesting and believable, believable in a sense that they appear lifelike and interesting to not only kids but to an adult reader like me.

Author during the fiction writing session claimed that his novella is for kids but also said that kids under 12 years will find difficulty in understanding the novella as it will be difficult for them to digest symbolism. My humble question was then why author insists to call  his novella of kid’s literature ? and if he is associating it with kids then it should be for kids.  The Ending of the novella was  quite abrupt and ambiguous, as it has not shown the Will of the elephant whether she went to India or not ?.Well being a Pakistani or a Karachite  reader may guess the end as we knows well about Anarkali but for a foreign reader and especially  for a kid it is difficult to comprehend.

Apart from all this, the whole reading experience of this novella was an absolute pleasure, love the arguments between Myna and Cuckoo, her tantrums ,etc, enjoyed Professor Watayo’s character.In short the novella is among one of the finest  novellas of Pakistani Contemporary fiction and is  a treat for literature lovers. Hoping to see more exciting novellas and novels from the writer. More power to you Sajjad!